Jinyoung Message on Got7’s Fans (170515)

Everyone it’s Jinyoung. Are you all doing fine? Even when we are done with our promotion and no news regarding it, I can still hear all the love from here and there, which makes me come here. There are also some message telling that it’s so exhausting because you can’t see us….^^ The weather is pretty nice eventhough it’s rainy sometimes! but please becareful. The yellow dust that comes is really a bad guys for your nose. I heard that a mask can hold the bad guys for a while. Even when we’re not promoting, but If you guys feel sick we will feel sad.

ah! I also heard a news that birds who lives in our nest reached 100.000 birds. Thank you for always giving us so many love. It maybe a small nest but don’t fight, I hope you are all having a good relationship. There are birds who do a migration when its season for migration is coming. But because the season of us is only one, we don’t need to migrating to other place^^

(As) the person who always thankful to all Ahgasae, I’ll back bye.


Source: Got7’s Official Fans Webpage



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